Winnie the Pooh (character)
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Biographical Information
Full name

Edward Winnie-the-Pooh Bear


Pooh Bear (by everyone)
Buddy Bear (by Tigger)
Silly Old Bear
(by Christopher Robin)






Hundred Acre Wood
(his house)


When We Were Very Young (1924)


Sterling Holloway (1964–1979)
Hal Smith (1980–1987)
Jim Cummings (1988–present)

Edward Winnie-the-Pooh Bear, or just Pooh for short, is a yellow anthropomorphic teddy bear who has a soft English accented voice and wears a red T-shirt. He lives under the name Sanders (that's because the name Mr. Sanders is written above his front door) in a house located in the Hundred Acre Wood. Pooh is not (as he himself admits) very intelligent, but does have good ideas sometimes. Unfortunately, he has a great difficulty communicating these to others. And he is also known as well-behaved, imaginative, nice, nurturing, idealistic, even-tempered, thoughtful, happy, eager, protective, optimistic, outgoing, heroic, patient, oblivious, outspoken, helpful, benevolent, empathetic, affectionate, respectful, encouraging, dependable, warm-hearted, assertive, relaxed, daring, whimsical, impulsive, naive, no-nonsense, ignorant, educated, docile, trustworthy, hedonistic, exuberant, dreamy, positive, observant, open-minded, honest, brave, endearing, artistic, righteous, persistent, organized, obsequious and honorable.

Pooh loves honey more than anything else. He is the main character in the books and the series and his two closest friends seem to be Piglet, and Christopher Robin, though he is also close friends with Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, Owl, Gopher, Kanga, Roo, Kessie, Lumpy and in the My Friends Tigger & Pooh TV series Darby and her dog Buster.

Pooh's birthday is generally believed to be in August 21st, the same day as Christopher Robin Milne. That is because Christopher Robin Milne received his teddy bear as a birthday gift, and this bear eventually inspired his father to create the character we've all come to love. However, it is nice to note that following the same logic Eeyore's birthday would be on Christmas Day and we happen to know that it's not.

The hyphens in Winnie the Pooh's name were part of the original storybooks, but were dropped by Disney and today the character is referred to almost exclusively without the hyphens and quite often as simply "Pooh" or "Pooh Bear."

Pooh was originally voiced by Sterling Holloway, who provided his voice in the three original Pooh short films, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, a 1970s Canadian Nabisco Golden Honeys cereal commercial, and the song "Winnie the Pooh for President". Hal Smith took over the role for Winnie the Pooh Discovers the Seasons in 1981, and reprises the role in Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore and Welcome to Pooh Corner. Jim Cummings began voicing Pooh in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Book of Pooh, and Disney Channel's My Friends Tigger & Pooh and has provided the character's voice ever since.


He has black eyes and a charcoal nose. He wears a red shirt with his sleeves all rolled up and transformed into short sleeves and has a yellow coat of fur. It is shown he has black stitches in his bottom.

Simple Words

"My thoughts get muddled and quite befuddled till I stick to words of one syllable or less"
—Pooh in "Keep it Simple"

Pooh is a bear of very little brain and so he likes to use simple words to express his thoughts and needs others to use them to, or else he gets confused. In his words in The Tao of Pooh, "I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words Bother me." Language and words have always been a concern for Pooh and were a key focus of the series The Book of Pooh. Pooh often finds the mode of his friends' speech hard to follow, including Owl, who uses many large, scholarly words and Rabbit, who likes to use his words for bossing. There is also Tigger, a malaproper who often uses words that aren't even really words at all. Though Pooh claims to be a Bear of Very Little Brain, Christopher Robin tells him that "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."



Short films (Four Storybook Classics Videos)

Five Friendship Videos

  • Clever Little Piglet
  • Tigger-Ific Tales
  • Three Cheers for Eeyore and Rabbit!
  • Pooh Wishes
  • Imagine That, Christopher Robin!

Six Playtime Videos

  • Fun 'N Games
  • Cowboy Pooh
  • Pooh Party
  • Detective Tigger
  • Happy Pooh Day
  • The Big Jackpot

Five Learning Videos

  • Making Friends
  • Helping Others
  • Sharing and Caring
  • Working Together
  • Growing Up (only video to feature two tales)

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  • In Arabic, Winnie the Pooh is known as ويني الدبدوب or Winnie El Dabdoob in English letters, which means Winnie the Teddy Bear, his first voice actor was Sameh El-Agha, he only played Pooh in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and The New Adventures of Winnie the PoohAfter that, all other Winnie the Pooh appearances was played by Nayer Naguil.
  • In Brazil, Pooh's name used to be Ursinho-Puff (which translates as "Teddy-Puff"), but was changed to Ursinho-Pooh (which translates as "Teddy-Pooh") starting with the Brazilian dub of The Tigger Movie to make it more similar to the original name. In the Brazilian dub, Pooh's voice is performed by Marcelo Coutinho.
  • In Flanders (Belgium) Winnie the Pooh is stylized as Winnie de Poeh.
  • In France, Pooh is known as Winnie L'ourson and is voiced by notable voice actor Roger Carel.
  • In Italy, the character is still referred to as Winnie-gli-Pooh or Winnie-Pooh (and sometimes spelled as Winnie Puh). Pooh is voiced by Marco Bresciani in the Italian dubs.
  • In Japan, Pooh is known as クマのプーさん (Kuma no pū-san) (which translates as "Bear-of-the-Pooh") and his voice is provided by Sukekiyo Kameyama.
  • In Denmark, Pooh is known as Peter-Plys  (which translates as "Peter-Plush") and he was originally voiced by John Hahn-Petersen, currently he is voiced by Donald Andersen in the Danish dub.
  • In Finland, Pooh is known as Nalle-Puhin (which translates as "Teddy-Bear-Pooh"), and his voiced by Jarmo Koski.
  • In Sweden, Pooh is known as Nalle-Puh (which translates as "Teddy-Puh"), and he was originally voiced by Tor Isedal in the short films, and Olli Markenros until Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin. Pooh is currently voiced by Guy De la Berg in the Swedish dub.
  • In Germany, Pooh was originally known as Pu-der-Bär (which translates as "Pu-the-Bear"), but in the Disney adaptions he is known as Winnie(-die-)Puuh. Pooh is voiced by Michael Rüth in the German dubs.
  • In Hungary, Pooh is known as Micimackó and his voice is provided by Mikó István.
  • In Spain, Pooh is known as Peluche-Puh (which translates Teddy Puh)
  • In Greece, Pooh is known as Γουίνι το Αρκουδάκι (Gouíni to Arkoudáki).
  • In Norway, Pooh is known as Ole Brumm, and he is voiced by Ivar Nørve (who also dubbed Eeyore until in some episodes of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.) in the Norwegian dub.
  • In Poland, Pooh is known as Kubuś Puchatek, and he is voiced by Jan Kociniak in the Polish dubs.
  • In Czech Republic, Pooh is known as Medvídek Pú.