When the Love Bug Bites is a villain song from Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You and Disney Sing Along Songs Jr Twist’s Rainbow Musical Fun Musical Adventures.

Song Lyrics

Rabbit: When the Love Bug Bites,

You feel a little itch

You scratch and scratch and scratch it

But the itch becomes a twitch

Tigger: When the snake done smites,

Everything’s a blur

Topsy turns out turvy

And you isn’t what it were

Both: When the Love Bug smites

Rabbit: You shake a disbelieve

Tigger: Your head gets all balloony

Rabbit: With humongous hairy teeth

Both: When the smitten bites

Tigger: You make blibberin’, blabberin’ sounds

You get all googly woogly

Rabbit: Smashing, crashing all around

Both: When the light takes flight

You go screaming through the wood

Winnie the Pooh: I’m not quite sure what happens

But it can’t be very good

Piglet: When the Love b-b-Bug b-b-Bites