Lessons from the Hundred-Acre Wood - Try, Try Again

Try, Try Again

Try, Try Again is the 3rd book of 18 in the Lessons from the Hundred-Acre Wood series. Published in 2000, the book was written by Nancy Parent and illustrated by Atelier Philippe Harchy, ISBN 1-57973-089-2.

The story focuses on Pooh, who after recovering from the sniffles finds a note under his door, a get-well card from Christopher Robin. Reading the note gets Pooh to wondering if he could write his own name, but he finds that he can't, so he seeks out his friends' help.

This book features two lessons:

Learning to write Can take some time--
Like counting up to ten
But you'll be writing
Just like Pooh, If you try, try again.


Instead of just sighing, Pooh keeps on trying.


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