Out & About With Pooh - There's No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home is Volume 7 of 18 in the Out & About With Pooh series. Published in 1996, the book was written by Ronald Kidd and illustrated by the company Arkadia Illustration Ltd..

The story focuses on Roo, who loves snuggling in Kanga's warm, snugly pouch as she bounces throughout the Hundred Acre Woods. He thinks it's a nice way to travel, since you can even take a nap while traveling, but Roo is beginning to think that he's too big to travel this way. He wants to go off on his own and have his own adventures. He pays a visit to Rabbit, who tells him about the many ways in which seeds travel. Inspired, he decides to try out some of these modes of transportation himself and ends up making an important discovery.