"The Wood Without Pooh" is the first segment of the twenty-seventh episode of The Book of Pooh.


Pooh is worried about waiting for his friends because his special, "good" honey lives far away, Owl tells Pooh to leave a note for his friends. When Pooh is about to go he accidentally knocks his honey pot onto his note and doesn't realize it covers the word "honey." When Piglet, Rabbit, and Tigger arrived Pooh's house and found a note, it says "Gone for Good." Will they bring their friend back home? While Owl is visiting him, Pooh develops an extreme rumbly in his tumbly. However, this is no ordinary rumbly. Pooh needs only the best honey from his favorite hive to satisfy himself and end the rumbly, so he writes a note reading, "Gone for good honey." However, honey gets stuck to the note, and when Pooh accidentally rips that part off, the note reads "Gone for good." The gang sees this and thinks Pooh really is gone for good. Then, they each speculate what the Wood would be like without him.


A Wood Without Pooh

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