Pooh and Piglet enter the Scary Woods

The Scary Woods are a place within the Hundred Acre Wood, seen with some regularity in The Book of Pooh. They are described as being the most remote and spookiest part of the Wood. Though not actually particularly dangerous, they are very dark, especially at night, due to the dense trees, and thorns & mist add to their ominous appearance.

In "The Book of Boo," a Halloween special, Eeyore chose to move his house of sticks into the Scary Woods because it kept getting knocked over. He was sure that it would be safe in the Scary Woods, as normally everyone else was afraid to go in there. In "Bravehat," Piglet went to search for Eeyore in the Scary Woods. Pooh and Piglet got lost in the Scary Woods in "Rabbit's Happy Birthday Party" and sang the song "Think, Think, Think" to help them not be so afraid. The Scary Woods are mentioned in "Our Perfect Map of the Wood," a song from The Book of Pooh story "Map of the Wood." The characters are singing about which places they would include on the map. Piglet asks "What about the Scary Woods?" and sings that he'd skip them if he could.

According to a map presented by Owl in "Talk to Me What River?," the Scary Woods are at the very bottom right of the Hundred Acre Wood.