The fourth season of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh aired September 14th, 1991 to October 7th, 1991 on ABC.


Title Card Name Number Original Airdate
5203748711 bfc57854ea o Sorry, Wrong Slusher 401 September 14, 1991
After watching a scary movie, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and Christopher Robin become scared of "The Slusher".
Grownbutnotforgotten Grown But Not Forgotten 402 September 15, 1991
After Christopher Robin was invited to a party by a girl, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Rabbit become worried that Christopher won't love them anymore.
Apoohdayafternoon A Pooh Day Afternoon 403 September 16, 1991
Christopher Robin and his friends have to look after their neighbour dog's, so he can prove to his mother that he can be responsible. The dog rampages through the town, destroying the local supermarket, while trying to direct the dog away with the sound he likes, a honk of a horn.
Thegoodthebadandthetigger The Good, the Bad, and the Tigger 404 September 21, 1991
When Tigger loses Christopher Robin's trains, the whole story is transformed into a cowboy land, where Tigger and Pooh are convicted of train robbers.
Homeiswherethehomeis Home is Where the Home Is 405 September 22, 1991

When Christopher Robin and his friends accidentally break a statue of his great grandfather Eustis while cleaning up (the statue had been in the family for generations), he decides to leave home and set up somewhere else. But it seems he can't move in with anyone from the Hundred Acre Wood.

Shovelshoveltoilandtrouble Shovel, Shovel, Toil and Trouble 406a September 23, 1991
Gopher gets a giant shovel in the mail and renovates the whole town.
Thewisehaveit The Wise Have It 406b September 30, 1991
It's Pooh's birthday and everyone puts way too many candles on Pooh's cake. Thinking that older is wiser, everyone is listening to the bear with very little brain, getting life answers.
Cloudcloudgoaway Cloud, Cloud Go Away 407a September 23, 1991
When Tigger hurts a cloud's feelings, the cloud stalks him.
Todreamtheimpossiblescheme To Dream the Impossible Scheme 407b September 30, 1991
Gopher's Grandpappy is a dreamer, however, Gopher wants him to build the first undergroudn city ever build above-ground.
Pigletspoohetry Piglet's Poohetry 408a October 7, 1991
Tigger intrudes on Piglet's poetry.
Owlswellthatendswell Owl's Well That Ends Well 408b October 7, 1991
Owl's annoying singing bothers Rabbit, but scares away his crows. Note: Remain Episode.

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