The second season of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh aired February 18th, 1989 to October 14th, 1989 on ABC.


Title Card Name Number Original Airdate
Me and My Shadow Me and My Shadow 201a February 18, 1989
When Piglet loses his shadow, he goes on adventure to find it.
To Catch A Hiccup To Catch a Hiccup 201b February 18, 1989
Piglet has the hiccups and the mayhem ensues.
Rabbitmarksspot Rabbit Marks The Spot 202a March 4, 1989
Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Gopher play pirates and Rabbit buries a treasure chest full of rocks and makes a map to find it because of them wrecking his garden, which he later regrets.
Mrpooh Good-bye Mr. Pooh 202b March 4, 1989
When everyone thinks that Pooh is leaving the Hundred Acre Wood, they give him a surprise party, but ends up with Pooh homeless.
Bubble Trouble Bubble Trouble 203a February 25, 1989
When Pooh gets stuck in a bubble, his friends try to get him out. Meanwhile, Gopher tries to look for his missing hole.
Groundpiglet Day Groundpiglet Day 203b February 25, 1989
It's Groundhog Day and the Hundred Acre Wood is short on groundhogs, so what they do? Use Piglet!
All's Well That Ends Wishing Well All's Well That Ends Wishing Well 204 March 11, 1989
When Tigger first finds out about birthdays, he makes a bunch of wishes which cannot be fulfilled, resulting in an incredible adventure inside the Hundred Acre Wood's wishing well.
Unvalentinesday Un-Valentine's Day 205 September 9, 1989
When Valentine's Day is cancelled, mystery Valentines have been sent to everyone. Everyone in result, thinking they were recieved by Christopher Robin, make a play for him.
Norabbitsafortress No Rabbit's a Fortress 206a September 16, 1989
When Rabbit gets tired of people trambling his garden, he builds a fortress without a door. And Rabbit learns a dynamite lesson on trusting his friends.
Themonsterfrankenpooh The Monster Frankenpooh 206b September 16, 1989
During storytime, "Dr. Von Piglet" makes The Monster Frankenpooh.
Whereohwherehasmypigletgone Where, Oh Where Has My Piglet Gone? 207a September 23, 1989
When Pooh misplaces Piglet, it's a fast-paced and silly adventure to find him.
Upupandawry Up, Up and Awry 207b September 23, 1989
Pooh tries to fly. But when his friends hear that he's "breaking the law of gravity", they send him to jail.
Eeyorestailtale Eeyore's Tail Tale 208a September 30, 1989
After a little spat, Eeyore's tail is apart from his owner. And it's up to Tigger: Private Ear to find it.
204bThreeLittlePiglets Three Little Piglets 208b September 30, 1989
During storytime, Pooh, Piglet and Tigger mess up the "Three Little Pigs" story, while Rabbit wants to stick to the story.
Prizepiglet Prize Piglet 209a October 7, 1989
When everyone thinks that Piglet won a running trophy, a race around the Hundred Acre Wood is planned.
Fastfriends Fast Friends 209b October 7, 1989
In order to make Pooh faster, they speed him up. But the problem is... they can't stop him!
Poohmoon Pooh Moon 210a October 14, 1989
Pooh and Piglet go to the supposed moon, while Tigger, Rabbit and Gopher stay on Earth and watch out of Grab-Me-Gotchas.
Cawsandeffect Caws and Effect 210b October 14, 1989

When Pooh is alone at Rabbit's house while Tigger, Piglet and Rabbit go and search for crows, Pooh, with the help of the mischieavous crows, harvests Rabbit's garden.