The first season of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh aired from January 17, 1988 to February 11th, 1989 on ABC.


Title Card Name Number Original Airdate
Pooh Oughta Be In Pictures Pooh Oughta Be In Pictures 101 January 17, 1988
As a reward for Christopher Robin eating all his vegetables, he along with Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger go to the theater to watch Birdzilla, a scary monster movie. During the film, Piglet gets scared and thinks the movie is real and the monster will get him. The gang tries to convince him that it's only make-believe and proceed to make their own monster film to prove it.
Donkey for a Day Donkey for a Day 102a January 24, 1988
Eeyore is sitting on top of the hill outside of Piglet's house. Piglet is saddened that Eeyore is so gloomy, so he decides to do something about it. He, along with Pooh, Rabbit, Tigger, Owl, Eeyore, and Roo, each try to cheer him up by trying various things.
Friend In Deed Friend, In Deed 102b January 24, 1988
Pooh has been borrowing too much honey from Rabbit lately. This makes Rabbit mad to the point where he says that Pooh is "eating him out of house and honey". Desperate, Pooh and his friends try to retrieve honey from a beehive, so Rabbit won't have to move away. Nevertheless, this proves to be a daunting task.
There's No Camp Like Home There's No Camp Like Home 103a January 31, 1988
Pooh and Tigger invite Piglet to join them for a camping trip. This comes at a very bad time for Piglet as he just awoke from a nightmare about Heffalumps and Woozles. After some convincing and pushing in the direction of the site, Piglet agrees to join them. However, things become complicated as they soon come face-to-face with some mysterious creatures.
Balloonaticscool Balloonatics 103b January 31, 1988
Pooh decides to pay his best friend, Christopher Robin a visit. Christopher surprises Pooh with a balloon. Intrigued, Pooh asks to borrow it. He agrees to the condition that Pooh take care of it "as if it were a pot of honey". When Rabbit sees the balloon, he has other plans in mind.
Find Her, Keep Her Find Her, Keep Her 104 February 7, 1988
During a winter snowstorm, Rabbit and his friends are trying to save a late blooming carrot. In the midst of this, they hear a baby bluebird named Kessie who is being blown away by the wind. Rabbit rescues it and decides to take care of it. Things go well until next winter when Kessie, now older, needs to migrate south.
The Piglet Who Would Be King The Piglet Who Would Be King 105 February 14, 1988
Pooh is looking through his closet and happens upon a spring from a Jack-in-the-box. He gives this to Piglet as a 'friendship present'. To show his thanks, Piglet, along with Tigger and Rabbit, set out to gather honey to give to Pooh in return. Since there is currently a honey shortage in, they decide to travel to the Land of Milk and Honey. Meanwhile, Pooh battles honey-nappers he thinks are stealing honey.
Cleanliness Is Next to Impossible Cleanliness Is Next to Impossible 106 February 21, 1988
Christopher Robin's mom is insturction her son to clean up his room before he can play outside. The gang realize that this will take far too long. Tigger suggests taking a shortcut and cram it under his bed, which they do. This turns out to be a bad idea as Crud gets grumpy and kidnaps Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Christopher Robin.
The Great Honey Pot Robbery The Great Honey Pot Robbery 107 February 28, 1988
After waking up and finding his house out of honey, Pooh meets with this friend and discovers that everyone is out of honey. At first, Pooh thinks that he ate all his friends' honey in his sleep, but testimony by Roo reveals a more sinister theory...that there are honey thieves loose in the Hundred Acre Woods. And Pooh got stuck in Gopher's hole.
Stripes Stripes 108a March 6, 1988
Rabbit and the gang decide Tigger has jumped into too many mud puddles and therefore must be given a bath. After pinning him down, they are finally able to get him "squeaky clean", but realize, that in the process, washed away his stripes. Confused as to his identity, Tigger sets out to determine who her really is, as he's clearly not a Tigger...or is he?
Monkey See, Monkey Do Better Monkey See, Monkey Do Better 108b March 6, 1988
Christopher Robin is looking for his friends. He wants to see if they want to go to a party. Upon hearing this, they think they forgot Christopher Robin's birthday. They rush to his house and wrap themselves up with bows in an effort to surprise him. While there, they see him carrying a present that "is the best present a kid could get". Curious, they open the box and discover the toy is Bruno the Talking Gorilla.
Babysitter Blues Babysitter Blues 109 March 13, 1988
When Christopher Robin gets a babysitter, he, Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger have trouble falling asleep, and tend to make messes that annoys the babysitter. But when Christopher Robin has to become Roo's babysitter, he learns that babysitting is a much harder job than he thought.
How Much is that Rabbit in the Window How Much is That Rabbit in the Window 110 March 20, 1988
Thinking that he isn't special, Rabbit feels like his friends don't like him. And when Pooh accidentally knocks the days on Rabbit's calendar down, he thinks that everyone forgot his birthday, which leads him on a hectic journey into the town nearby The Hundred Acre Wood.
Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind 111a March 27, 1988
When the wind frightens Piglet, Piglet vows to never return outside again, making his friends try to tell Piglet that there's nothing to fear outside.
Nothing But the Tooth Nothing But the Tooth 111b March 27, 1988
When Pooh discovers a tooth, Rabbit says that he lost his sweet tooth, but that tooth got stolen by the Pack Rats, a trio of rats that steal everything.
Paw and Order Paw and Order 112 April 3, 1988
During a play, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit and Eeyore go to the town of Rickety Gulch and try to defeat the mean horse thief (a horse who's a thief) Nasty Jack (Jim Cummings).
Honeybunny Honey for a Bunny 113a April 10, 1988
When Tigger discovers that Rabbit only has one bookend, a search ensues to find the other one.
Trap as Trap Can Trap as Trap Can 113b April 10, 1988
Pooh, Tigger and his friends help Junior Heffalump to complete the mission sent by his father, to trap woodland animals.
Themaskedoffenderwtp The Masked Offender 114a January 1, 1989
Tigger creates an alias, The Masked Offender, after read one of Owl's mystery stories. However, the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood dislike Tigger's 'acts'.
Things That Go Piglet in the Night Things That Go Piglet in the Night 114b January 1, 1989
When a frightening noise leaves Piglet thinking a ghost is on the prowl, Pooh and the gang think that Piglet himself is a ghost when Piglet has a poillowcase over his body. Meanwhile, Tigger helps Eeyore to improve his swinging abilities.
Luck Amok Luck Amok 115a January 2, 1989
When Tigger breaks Rabbit's mirror, Rabbit encounters seven years of bad luck, which starts a hectic and silly adventure that proves luck doesn't exist.
115bMagicEarmuffs Magic Earmuffs 115b January 2, 1989
When Pooh and the gang goes skating, Piglet wants to learn. But with many failed attempts, Piglet uses Christopher Robin's "magic earmuffs".
The Wishing Bear The Wishing Bear 116 January 3, 1989
When Pooh tells his friends about Christopher Robin's wishing star, Pooh tries to make his friends' wishes come true since he claims he 'wasted the star' (in reality, the cloud just went over the star when Pooh was looking at it)
17aKingoftheBeasties King of the Beasties 117a January 7, 1989
After finding out about his relative, the lion, Tigger makes himself a self-proclaimed king.
Ratsdinner The Rats Who Came to Dinner 117b January 7, 1989
When a flood forces Pooh to share his home with the Pack Rats, he learns that the Pack Rats aren't all bad.
18aMyHero My Hero 118a January 14, 1989
When Piglet saves Tigger, Tigger becomes his servant, which annoys piglet.
Owl Feathers Owl Feathers 118b January 14, 1989
When Owl is losing his feathers, everyone thinks that he's going bald, which makes Piglet try to help his feathered friend.
A Very, Very Large Animal A Very, Very Large Animal 119a January 21, 1989
When the crows bug Piglet, Piglet wishes to be bigger. So his friends make him bigger, but later Piglet finds out that he should be happy with the size he is.
Fish Out of Water Fish Out of Water 119b January 21, 1989
The Muttonhead Trout migration makes Gopher move in with Rabbit.
Lights Out Lights Out 120a January 28, 1989
When Gopher's helmet goes missing, everyone becomes scared of the dark.
Tigger's Shoes Tigger's Shoes 120b January 28, 1989
Annoyed by Tigger's bouncing, Rabbit lies about the jumping shoes of "The Awesome Bunny of Upsy-Daisia", which actually slows Tigger down.
The "New" Eeyore The "New" Eeyore 121a February 4, 1989
Trying to make himself more popular, Eeyore imitates Tigger.
Tigger, Private Ear Tigger, Private Ear 121b February 4, 1989
After hearing Owl's mystery novel, Tigger becomes his other alias, Tigger, Private Ear. Can he solve the mystery of the misssing honey pot??
Party Poohper Party Poohper 122a February 11, 1989
When 500 of Rabbit's relatives come over, Rabbit becomes anxious about making the perfect party.
The Old Switcheroo The Old Switcheroo 122b February 11, 1989

To avoid Roo's bathtime, Tigger replaces Roo with Piglet.