The More I Look Inside is a song sung by Carly Simon and Piglet in the soundtrack and of the animated film Piglet's Big Movie. This song played when Winnie the Pooh and everyone else lost Piglet's scrapbook because it fell in the river. It began to rain and so everyone returned to Piglet's house. Roo and everyone was beginning to feel sad because Piglet was gone. But then Pooh mentions how Piglet would always have a smile on his face. Tigger mentioned how Piglet was always thoughtful. Rabbit mentioned how Piglet was always brave. Then finally Eeyore mentioned how Piglet never thought of himself. Then asked Pooh Bear to draw a picture of Piglet, with that everyone decided to draw pictures of Piglet doing all the amazing things he has done for them. With that the song ends. It ends off with Roo saying "We gotta go get Piglet!", everyone agreeing and rushing out the door to find him.


The more I look inside

The more he isn't there

What am I supposed to do?

When Piglet is not everywhere

The more I wrack my brain

The more I search in vain

I guess I'll have a little snack

And wait for it to start to rain

Maybe I will draw a picture

And while I'm busy doing that

My mind will wander off somewhere

And Piglet will re-appear

My mind will wander off somewhere

And Piglet will be right here

The more I look inside

The more you're real to me I see you here, I see you there

Feel you everywhere

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