Heffalump song
The Horribly Hazardous Heffalumps is the first original song heard in the film Pooh's Heffalump Movie. It is performed by Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet and Eeyore (mostly Rabbit and Tigger) as a direct response to Roo's question, "'Scuse me, what's a heffalump?" In the song, they outline the many horrendous qualities that they believe heffalumps to have, such as that they have "fiery eyes and a tail with a spike" and that "they'll steal all your honey and eat your last crust." At the end of the song, Pooh and the others crouch toget
Pooh's Heffalump Movie - Roo Asks What's a Heffalump

"'Scuse me, what's a heffalump?"

her, thoroughly terrified, but the song only excites Roo, who decides that he wants to try to catch one. Later in the film they all learned that none of these things that they believed about heffalumps were true, though Roo was the first to find out. He discusses many of the supposed attributes of heffalumps that he heard in the song and Lumpy says that he'd like to have a tail with a spike.

This song and the visuals that go with it likely drew inspiration from the classic Pooh song "Heffalumps and Woozles," though due to its somewhat whimsical nature, the images actually presented in "The Horribly Hazardous Heffalumps" are rather less scary by comparison, having more resemblance to the artstyle for "Pink Elephants on Parade" from "Dumbo". The characters perform the song with a group of three backing vocalists: Randy Crenshaw, Rick Logan and Bobbi Page. The music for the song was written by Carly Simon, the lyrics by Brian Hohlfeld and the song was co-arranged by Martin Erskine and David Slonaker.


Rabbit: Everyone knows what a Heffalump's like

Tigger: It's got fiery eyes and a tail with a spike

Rabbit: With claws on its paws that are sharp as a tack

Tigger: And wing-a-ma-things coming out of its back 

Roo: Out of its back?

Rabbit: Well of course, Roo. Precisely.

Tigger: Exac-tically! ‘Cause its bottom is up and its top’s really down

Rabbit: So its nose is its tail or the other way 'round

Tigger: Yeah, and it's wide as a river and tall as a tree

Rabbit: Imagine gigantic

Tigger: And times it by three

Rabbit: It clomps here and there

Tigger: And it stomps to and fro

Rabbit: It's got three horns above

Tigger: And eleven below

Piglet: And those are its good points

Pooh: There's much more to know

Chorus: About the dreadfully dreaded

Thoroughly three-headed

Horribly hazardous Heffalumps

Roo: Wow! Neat!

Rabbit: Neat? It is most certainly not neat!

Rabbit: Everyone knows that they lurk and they creep

Tigger: The best time to see one is when it's asleep

Rabbit: If you sneak up behind it and get it to jump

Tigger: You can tell which part's heffa (hee hee)

Rabbit: And which part is lump

Chorus: They'll steal all your honey and eat your last crust

They'll stomp on your house till it's nothing but dust

The worst part of all is

Roo: They’re different from us!

Chorus: They're the dreadfully dreaded

Thoroughly three-headed

Fiercely ferociously

Mostly atrociously

Horribly hazardous

Roo: Heffalumps!