Out & About With Pooh - The Friendship Garden

The Friendship Garden

The Friendship Garden is Volume 3 of 18 in the Out & About With Pooh series. Published in 1996, the book was written by Rita Balducci and illustrated by the company Arkadia Illustration Ltd., ISBN 1-885222-57-2.

One morning, Pooh wakes up and discovers that he is missing almost all of his honey. He remembers that he had a late-night snack due to the rumbly in his tummy, then follows a bee in the hope of finding more honey. The bee leads Pooh to Rabbit's garden and smack into a sunflower. Rabbit gives Pooh some seeds, offering him the opportunity to grow his own sunflowers. Pooh accepts the offer and is later joined in planting his garden by Piglet and Roo. When, after many days, nothing whatsoever sprouts, Rabbit comes by and makes a surprising discovery.


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