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Songs from The Book of Pooh was a compilation album featuring songs from throughout all three seasons of The Book of Pooh. 15 tracks were featured in total, including the show's title and closing themes. The album was released on both CD and cassette, though the cassette format is no longer generally available.


  1. Everyone Knows He's Winnie the Pooh
  2. I Watch for Signs
  3. Isn't that Funny?
  4. Mental Altitude
  5. Adventure
  6. Originals Loves Him
  7. Bouncin' (Book of Pooh Song)
  8. Get Growin'
  9. Give It a Try
  10. I Want To Be Scary
  11. Everybody Wants To Singing Time
  12. I Want to Know Everything Now
  13. Happy Tailiversary
  14. Songs To With The Rhythm Medley
  15. Goodbye for Now

Audio samples of all songs on the album are available at Disney/dp/B000062Y8B/ref=cm_cr_dp_orig_subj's page for it.

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