That’s What Tiggers Do Best is a song about Tigger and his lovely amazingness first released in the album "Winnie The Pooh: Take My Hand". The song is performed by artist Stan Bush. Oddly, this song has never been featured in any Winnie the Pooh film or TV production.


It's a rather funny habit, 
Tiggers like to pounce on Rabbit 
As he works out in his garden unaware 
He'll ask, "How are you, Long Ears?" 
as they romp through his tomateers 
But that's what Tiggers do best!
Yes, they're always where they shouldn't be 
I don't know why he wouldn't see 
It's so much fun to jump a plump Pooh bear!
Now Tiggers are a fearless breed 
their bravery only matched by speed 
but there's a quality they seldom show:
they're sensitive and quiet as they raise a ruckus riot
Yes, that's what Tiggers do best!
"Now Tigger, don't you be absurd," 
But Piglet can be often heard 
"Be careful, don't throw caution to the wind 
don't fly a kite on a blustery day" 
"Don't worry, Buddy Boy," he'll say 
that's what Tiggers do best!
Everyone will be a running 
when the Hundred Acre's flooding 
you might see a bear float by 
but not a Tigger, I'll tell you why...

They're quite a critter, those furry beasts 
Why, to himself he's a mystery 
He cannot think of one thing he can't do 
Be it climbing trees or bouncing games 
It doesn't matter, it's all the same 
That's what Tiggers do best!
Yes, that's what Tiggers do 
It doesn't matter how or who 
That's what Tiggers do best!

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