Stephen Sustarsic Also known as Steven Sustarsic, this writer is a graduate at the USC School of Cinema. He has become a writer for the last 20 years writing such television live-action shows such as Newhart, Alf, The Jackie Thomas Show, Parker Lewis Cannot Lose, Good Life, Tom, Wild Oats, The New Love American Style (his debut in 1970), What's Happening Now? and Manhattan, AZ. He has also wrote cartoon series such as Dilbert, Bump In The Night, Mighty Max and Duckman. He also created Cleghorne!, Secret Service Guy and the famous Wild Thornberrys TV series; plus the cinema feature bearing the same name. Stephen has also worked on DTVA and won an Emmy for The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh in 1988 and worked as a freelancer on TaleSpin with four great episodes. He also worked on two movies: The Next One and The Flintstones and most recently worked on Word Girl, Xiaolin Chronicles and even Johnny Test.

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