According to his Linkedin Profile: I started in the film industry working for Terry Gilliams optical effects rostrum animation company, Peerless Camera Company on Life of Brian, Time Bandits, Meaning Of Life, The Hunger and give my regards to broad St for which I provided a matte painting. Between the feature film work we provided opticals and animation rostrum shoots for commercials and model UFO shots for Ridley Scots Pepsi ad. Then I decided to move into animation (my first love) and went to work for Richard Purdum productions. After a period of freelance animation work then I work with Disney on Duck tales the movie a Winnie the Pooh short, (April Pooh) and the series TaleSpin. When the studio closed I moved to Amblimation in Acton working on Fievel Goes West, We're Back!!, and Balto, when the studio closed I worked on the new series of Mr. Men and Little Miss. When Warner animation set up a studio in Covent Garden I was in at the beginning to help finish Space Jam and then Camelot. When they closed Warners I freelanced for Giant films on the animated King and I for Rich films in LA and Titan AE for Don Bluth productions. Then I moved to Vancouver to work on Joseph King of Dreams for Dreamworks animation. On my return I started working on character design and animation on Christmas Carol the movie for Illuminated films and TV shorts War Games and War Boys and Raymond Briggs Ivor the invisible. Later I did a small piece of story telling animation for the computer game, Cracked Mirror. Needing to move with the times I did a 10 month coarse at St Martins School of Art in Maya 3D animation to learn 3D rather than learn animation I still had to start from the beginning as though I knew nothing about animation. Then I spent time painting murals for kids bedrooms of Disney and Marvel comic book characters while dabbling in Flash animation, when I got work on the Moshi Monsters movie doing effect animation in Flash CC for Spider-eye. I have had a wide and varied experience in film and animation.

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