The Book of Pooh - Songs To With The Rhythm Medley

Tigger performs "Songs To With The Rhythm Medley'."

is a medley song sung by Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Eeyore, Tigger, Owl and Kessie Original Songs as, in This song is Track 14 on the album The Book of Pooh: Musical Original Songs.


[Pooh, Piglet and Rabbit]
Well, hello friends, hello folks
We're here with silly gags and jokes
Like Pooh Bear slipping in a puddle of honey
Isn't that funny?
[Piglet, Rabbit and Eeyore]
Isn't that funny?
As the monkey told the giraffe
"I double dare you not to laugh"
Hey, look, it's raining
But the sky's still sunny
Isn't that funny?
[Pooh, Rabbit and Eeyore]
Isn't that funny?
[Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit and Eeyore]
You laughed every other time we did that one before
What's the matter, Tigger?
Don't you get it anymore?
Oh, I wanna yell "BOO!" and watch them run
I wanna be the scariest one
and share a laugh when we are done
I wanna be scaaary!
I wanna dress up in a scary suit
A mean looking flower or an ugly fruit!
Or a very frightening root!
I wanna be scaaary!
Well, I could try to be a dragon
But I'm too small
I could get up high on stilts
But I might fall
All I want is to be scariest of all.
I'll dress like a ghost back from the grave
and creep friends with my scariest wave
I'll be so scary, I'll feel brave!
I wanna be scaaary!
It's time for adventure, I'm off on an adventure
I know it's out there waiting for a Pooh
I'm ready and I'm willing for a trip that's thrilling
Though I am not exactly sure what I should do
There are mountains calling and waters waterfalling
Now I just need to figure out the way
I'll run and hike and climb now
It's the perfect time for adventuring today!
Every vine up on the wall
Had to somehow learn to crawl
By starting out real small
With just a little bounce
Ya take it nice and slow
And steady as you go
And soon you're ready to grow in huge amounts
On your mark, get set
Now ya' better get growin'
While the soil's wet
And the sunshine's showin'
There's a time to reap
And a time to sow
But no time to sleep
Get up and get growin'
No time for sleepin'
Get up and get growin'
Hum, tuddly te-now
Who could that be now, humming a melody?
Could it be who, there?
Maybe it's Pooh Bear!
Pooh? Well, that's me!
[Piglet and Tigger]
He's Winnie the Pooh!
Come and find me
[Piglet, Tigger]
He's Winnie the Pooh!
[Rabbit and Owl]
He's in the book
[Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit and Owl]
He's Winnie the Pooh!
You needn't remind me
Everyone knows he's Winnie the Pooh!
Give it a try
Why not give it a try?
'Cause you'll never know how yummy acorns are
If you say "I only eat from a honey jar."
Just give it a try
And for dessert, here's acorn pie
Before you say "tut tut"
You oughta know what
You oughta give it a try
Hail, oh hail, unto your splended tail
Decorated with a bow
And fastened with a nail
It has a splended elegance--- no other tail can match
And when it does fall off, it's not that hard to reattach
Have a Happy, Happy, Happy Taliversary
And we wish you many, many more!
With our Happy, Happy, Happy Taliversary
Even if you don't exactly know what it is for!
With a Happy, Happy,
Happy Taliversary
---Happy, Happy!
Keep it shiny,
And on your hiney!
And now, it's finally
The end of our song!