Simon is the award winning director of Treasure Island II for Carlton T.V., also, Writer, Designer and Animator with thirty years experience in animation. Working in studios around the world on T.V. shows, features and commercials. Simon has spent a great deal of time working in Asia, most notably as animation supervisor on all the Rugrat feature movies and the Wild Thornberry feature, which were produced in Korea. He is currently working in China as a Director at Xing Xing Digital Technology since 2009. Simon began animation in 1981 and worked with G&M Productions on the TV movie Happily Ever After in 1985 for Bill Melendez Productions. He then became an Assistant Animator on the nuclear exploitation animated film "When The Wind Blows" in 1986 for Meltdown Productions. Simon than proceeded to work for Walt Disney Animation London and then went on to work on Rover Dangerfield and Bebe's Kids along with The Wish That Changed Christmas for Colossal Pictures in 1991/1992. From there Simon would work on such productions as The Legend Of Treasure Island (Moving Images/Fil-Cartoons) as a character designer, Bimble's Bucket (Martin Gates Productions), All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, Space Jam, FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue, The Rugrats Movie, Joseph: King Of Dreams, Rugrats In Paris, The Wild Thornberries movie and Rugrats Go Wild for Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers and various others. He also worked with Stardust Pictures on The Fearless Four (Warner Brothers) in 1997 along with The Little Bastard around the same time. He also did some storyboards for Pippi Longstocking: The Series in 1998, Overseas Supervisor in Clifford's Really Big Movie in 2004 along with PBS mainstay Maya & Miguel around the same time; followed by Horrid Henry in 2007. He also directed 14 episodes for Hahn Films AG's series The School Of Vampires and then did storyboard revising for 17 episodes of Jungle Junction for Spider Eye Productions in 2009 and 2010.

He is Animator of April Pooh on The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

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