Sara Duran-Singer, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Post Production is a 25 year veteran with the Walt Disney Studios. Sara started her career in post production at Television Animation overseeing the Disney Afternoon and moved over to Feature Animation to supervise the post work on such titles as “Aladdin”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, and “The Lion King”. During her tenure at Feature Animation, Sara significantly expanded the post organization to support a wide variety of projects, including the Pixar films, and was promoted to Vice President of Post Production. While head of the department, Sara lead the transition from film based editing and dailies onto a completely integrated digital workflow including dialogue recording, track reading, picture editing, dailies and final digital and film delivery. Sara is now tasked with the operational and strategic management of all the Post units at Walt Disney Studios, which includes all operational policies and procedures, further development and implementation of digital end to end workflows, and defining and supervising the Studio’s long term archiving and preservation strategies. Sara also is the executive lead on the Studio’s restoration and preservation of the classic animated features such as “Snow White and the Seven Drawfs”, “Lady and the Tramp” and “Sleeping Beauty”. She supervises a team of Disney animation, film and color experts who are charged with restoring and remastering the classics to their original beauty for Home Entertainment release.

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