Russell Mooney is a very experienced talent in the field of animation; having more than 25 years of experience. He has been in many positions; from storyboard, voice talent recording, design, film and video editing, sound effects, music spotting, dubbing , animation directing, slugging, and many others. He started as a Freelance Television Commercial Animator and director in 1976 (and continued on until 1983) working on various Bubblicious commercials, Newport, Smokey The Bear, Chevron, Levi's, Superscope, several newspapers, MacDonald's, Freedent and a even a promo for Woody Allen's "A Midsummer Nights Sex Comedy" to name just a few. His first work as a film and television animator began in 1977 on the feature film "The Mouse and His Child" followed by "Fire & Ice", Heavy Metal and Rolling Stone Magazine Television Special in 1980. He got into the cartoon business in 1984 being an overseas supervisor and associate producer for Nippon Sunrise and Toei Dogo Studio in Japan on such shows as "Roboforce", "Turbo Teen" and "The Centurions". He joined Walt Disney Television Animation in 1986 working on The Adventures of the Gummi Bears as the Overseas Animation Producer and Supervisor for several studios (Walt Disney Japan, Hanho, Sun Woo, A-1 Studio, T.M.S. and Cuckoo's Nest.) and worked on every Disney series up to Goof Troop before moving on in 1993. He worked as a freelance timing director starting in 1993 on such shows as Duckman, Edith Ann, Mighty Max and The Mask. He was seen recently working on the Chalkzone television series and was doing a sequel to Charlotte's Web. He recently founded Russ Mooney Animation and has been working on four projects to be released in the near future: Cap'n Jack (Bobtown Ink- WW1 style series), Flamingo Court, Beach Bunnies and Kameleon Kid (for Jamie Diaz, a Oh Yeah! Cartoon).

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