Rabbit Garden TT
Rabbit's Garden is a garden owned by Rabbit located at his house. He also has a bridge that crosses over a river leading to his garden and house in The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.


Rabbit cares very deeply for his garden and is seen tending to it almost all the time. He grows and harvests all kinds of vegetables in his garden including carrots, his favorite food (being that he is a rabbit). Unfortunately, his friends Pooh, Piglet and Tigger often intrude on his garden and usually end up ruining it. Rabbit also has other pests that frequently invade his garden and attempt to steal and/or eat his vegetables, namely crows and bugs. However, Rabbit usually manages to drive these pests away by building a scarecrow (for the crows) or using tactical force. Rabbit especially cares for his prized rutabaga potato as seen in the episode "To Dream the Impossible Scheme". When Gopher makes plans to bulldoze Rabbit's garden and build an above-ground-underground city to please his visiting Grandpappy, Rabbit tries to protect his rutabaga potato at all costs. However, Gopher's Grandpappy ends up sparing Rabbit's rutabaga potato after everyone watches it bloom.


Rabbit has a very large garden which includes an orchard. Not only that, but his garden is irrigated. He uses the stream that runs between his garden and orchard to water his plants and trees. He has built a few small dams to regulate the amount of water needed.



Crows constantly invade Rabbit's garden, stealing food from it.


Insects love to eat the food from Rabbit's garden. Specific insects are little green caterpillar-like ones. They have been more menacing than crows. Even though they are tiny, they team up and literally battle Rabbit whenever he tries to protect his garden.


Gophers are naturally attracted to gardens. Gopher and Grand Pappy have destroyed Rabbit's garden more than once. Also, they love to destroy his house. Gopher's Grand Pappy has made plans to build various cities located on Rabbit's garden. Whenever Gopher isn't tunneling through Rabbit's garden, he is blowing it up using dynamite for no apparent reason.


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