The Pooh Pirates are a small pirate crew of just Piglet, Tigger, Gopher and Winnie the Pooh who appear in the episode, Rabbit Marks the Spot.


Tigger, Pooh, Gopher and Piglet become a band of fun-loving pirates who sail around the Hundred Acre Wood in their pirate ship on wheels. They made the ship out of wood, the mass with a broomstick, a metal-bucket for the crows-nest, a helm to steer the ship, a big sail, rope and a black pirate flag with a red honey pot and crossbones. They made Piglet the captain of the crew and ship and where ever they went, they had fun and joy, singing and laughing, and getting into trouble. They sailed through the trees of the woods, through waterfalls, jumping off giant tree branches, over ditches, through green fields, and jumping off cliffs.




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