Playtime title card
Winnie The Pooh - Playtime Song01:22

Winnie The Pooh - Playtime Song


The opening to the Winnie the Pooh "Playtime" VHS set.


Hey, It's Playtime, Yippi-Yay Time
Pooh Bear Is Happy To Be Here With You
Hurry, Hurry, Someone Furry
Is Ready To Play, And He’s Winnie The Pooh

Pooh Bear Laughs ’Cause Life Is Pretty Funny
There’s So Much To See And Do (So Much To See And Do)
Pooh Bear Smiles When He Is Full Of Honey
Have Some Too, You And Pooh!

The World Keeps Spinning, Pooh Keeps Grinning
He’s Full Of Adventure, So Shiny And New (Shiny And New)
So Exciting, So Inviting
To Open The Door And See...Can You Guess Who?

We’re Laughing And Playing With Winnie The Pooh!

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