Peek-a-Pooh is a series of collectible Winnie the Pooh figures with a variety of interchangeable costumes.


Peek-A-Poohs have been around more than 20 years. They are still around in some places. Peek-A-Pooh was also a pop up book though.


Peek-a-poohs have had many Collections, but here are the known ones

NOTE: That Italian and Japanese ones have different collections that may be unknown which are which when known a () will be at the end

  • Circus
  • School
  • Garden
  • 80th Anv. (Including Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore)
  • Animals
  • Christmas (American and Japanese)
  • Flowers (Italian)
  • Ocean
  • Pets
  • Summer Splash
  • Christmas 2
  • Zodiac
  • 100 Acre woods
  • Tropical
  • Large animal Wear (Mini Winnies) Italian
  • Hot Summer
  • Peek-A-Pooh Animals 2 Returns! (MFTAP) Now with Purple elephant and Raccoon
  • Mini me (pooh with a baby animal)
  • Dogs collection
  • Delights (Pooh dressed as desserts and candy)
  • All About love (valentines day)
  • Musical Journey

More Information

Peek a Poohs were found at stores with vending machines mostly the super market. They were in vending machines and cost $1(4 Quarters) for one pooh. Depending on where you lived and what collection they'd come in a capsule or a bag. In The Musical Journey And All About love collection there was a special golden pooh. They stopped somewhere in 2005 and came back in 2008. The golden pooh was found somewhere 2010.


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