Over the Hill is the second segment of the twenty-fourth episode from the first season of The Book of Pooh.


At Owl's suggestion, Pooh decides to go over the hill in search for adventure. Once he gets to the top, however, he gets distracted by a butterfly and unknowingly returns to the direction he had come from. Now Pooh believes he's exploring another land when in reality he is still in the Hundred Acre Wood.

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"Tigger's Replacement"

Directed By

Dean Gordon

"Over the Hill"

Directed By

Mitchell Kriegman

"Tigger's Replacement"

Written By

Jymn Magon

"Over the Hill"

Written By

Mitchell Kriegman & Andy Yerkes

Story Editor

Andy Yerkes

Produced By

Robin Seidon


Jennifer Barnhart Jon Ludwig

Ron Binion Noel MacNeal

Matthew Brooks Amanda Maddock

Tyler Bunch Paul McGinnis

Vicki Kenderes Eibner John Pavlik

Eric Englehardt Alice Dinnean-Vernon

James Godwin Robin Walsh

BJ Guyer Dan Weissbrodt

Eric Jacobson Victor Yerrid

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