Oh, Bother! Somebody's Grumpy Cover (Newer)

Oh, Bother! Someone's Grumpy Newer Version

Oh, Bother! Somebody's Grumpy Cover (Older)

Oh, Bother! Somebody's Grumpy Older Version

Oh, Bother! Somebody's Grumpy, later renamed to Oh, Bother! Someone's Grumpy, is a Golden Look-Look Book within the Oh, Bother! series of Winnie the Pooh books. The story opens with Owl, who discovers it to be a snowy, wintry day in the Hundred Acre Wood. He lands on Eeyore by accident and Eeyore says that it's a terrible day. When Owl slips on some ice, he agrees and it seems that everyone in the Wood is finding it to be a bad day. Then, Christopher Robin arrives and diagnoses a case of "galloping grumps." He says the best cure for it is cheerfulness and tries to get everyone having fun again. The story was written by Betty G. Birney (as Betty Birney) and illustrated by Darrell Baker, ISBN 0-307-12667-6.