Nothing Ever Happens
is a song from The Book of Pooh story, "Piglet's Inadvertent Adventure." In the song, Piglet sings about his boring life and how while others go off on adventures, for him every day is the same. The song ends on a hopeful note, with Piglet suggesting that perhaps someday he may have an adventure.

This song was featured as Track 9 on the album Songs from The Book of Pooh.


Some people go to the ends of the Earth
Just to see what they can see
Some people climb to the top of the world
I barely can climb up a tree

Some go on day trips to the North Pole
And bring back a woozle to tell
For me every day is exactly the same
There's a world beyond my door
With things I've never heard of to explore

I know these Hundred Acres and no more
Where nothing ever happens to me
And what ever happens to me?
Nothing ever happens to me, to me

Some people spend time spelunking in caves
Or snorkeling in coves on some lake
Some folks go flying in hot-air balloons
I usually fly by mistake

Some tour the world to have a look
Me, I pretty much stick to the book
Falling down's the only trip I took
So nothing ever happens to me
No matter what happens to me
Nothing ever happens, huh

But, who knows, someday an adventure just may
Happen to me, to me, to me.