Night of the Walking Tigger

Night of the Waking Tigger is the last episode of the first season of The Book of Pooh. It originally aired on January 17, 2002.


Tigger resolves that he is wasting too much fun time by sleeping through the night, and decides to stay up constantly from now on. But Pooh, Piglet and Rabbit start going crazy when Tigger shows up late in the night to see what sort of funny things they must be doing. Eventually, they sing a lullaby to send Tigger to sleep, and he learns that he was the only one staying up all night the whole time.



Directed by

Dean Gordon

"Greenhorn with a Green Thumb"

Written by

Jymn Magon

"Night of the Waking Tigger"

Written by

Mark Zaslove

Story Editor

Andy Yerkes

Produced by

Robin Seidon

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