Neil started at Burbank Films Australia in 1983 working on two Sherlock Holmes movies; and worked there until 1987 when Don Quixote of La Mancha was released; doing layout work for 15 different television and cinema movies. Then he went onto work for Walt Disney Animation UK on the Ducktales movie and several TaleSpin episodes doing finish work. He then worked on such productions as Penny Canyon (1989 for Maddocks Animation), The Dream Stone (1990 for FilmFair), Father Christmas (1991 for TVC London), Under Milk Wood (1992 for Siriol Animation Limited), Danger Mouse (1991 for Cosgrove Films), Hurricanes (1993 for DiC Enterprises), Count Duckla (1988-1993 for Cosgrove Films), Funnybones (1992 for Sianel 4 Cymru), Avenger Penguins (1993 for Cosgrove Films), Opreavox (1995 for Sianel 4 Cymru), Hot Rod Dogs & Cool Car Cats (1995 for Mike Young Productions), William's Wish Wellingtons (1994 for HIT Entertainment), Prince Cinders (1993 for Longreturn) and The Caribou Kitchen (1995 for Maddocks Cartoons). Other notable productions include The Tigger Movie in 2000 for Tandem Films, Animated Tales of The World in 2000 for Sianel 4 Cymru, Ogri in 2000 for Zoo Film Group where he became one of the principal owners of the animation group (along with Nicolas J. Camecho who also worked on TaleSpin with Neil Graham in London, only in an credited role) creating such productions as The Tale Of Jack Frost (2004), Sokator-442 TV movie in 2011 and Legends of Chima in various production roles in 2013 onwards.

He is Layout Artist of April Pooh on The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

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