Miyuki Hoshikawa is Background Supervisor of Two Episodes and New Episodes on The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Miyuki Hoshikawa was born in Japan on January 15th, 1955 and started work with Sanrio on Sea Prince & The Fire Child in 1981 in Japan along with Nine 2: Koibito Sengen (For TOHO) in 1983 and then followed by Noozles (Kola Blinkly) for Nippon Animation in 1984. I'm not sure if Miyuki worked for Walt Disney Animation Japan or Tama Production for TaleSpin; but Miyuki has worked as a key animator for the show along with Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop and the Little Mermaid, among others. Miyuki then followed Ritsuko's footsteps and worked for productions in North America; only for Nickelodeon on projects such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, Invader Zim, Dora The Explorer, Hey! Arnold and Fatherhood. Then she worked on Ben 10, Clarence, Generator Rex, The Cleveland Show, Curbside and Secret Agent Oso. It is believed Miyuki is also working on the new Hey! Arnold Movie for 2017 as her most recent credit.

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