Mike Hirsh is one of the few members of the Walt Disney Animation France crew that has worked with both the Paris and London divisions. Mike started working in 1972 although I have little information on any works he did before 1990. From what I gathered he did the segment Dan in Heavy Metal and did backgrounds for Rupert's Frog Song in 1985. He is known for creating the The Bamboo Society in 1985 and organized an international Bamboo conference in France in 1988. He went on to work for Walt Disney Animation France and London with the Ducktales Movie and various Winnie The Pooh productions. He then went to TVC in London doing The Father Christmas Special, and the Thumbelina film in 1993 with Don Bluth, then Universal Films with Balto. He also did episodes for the animated version of the Neverending Story before working from 1996-2003 with Uli Meyer Animation and did the animated portions for the Space Jam movie. He currently works in freelancing from 2003 onward with Cartoon Network and The Entertainment Department among others. According to his website; I see he worked on The Magic School Bus, and various commercials for Count Chocula, Cookie Crisp, among others.

He is Background Artist of April Pooh on The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

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