Learning title card
Winnie The Pooh - Learning Song01:22

Winnie The Pooh - Learning Song

The opening to the Winnie the Pooh "Learning" VHS set.


Hey, Now You There, Watch The Pooh Bear
It’s Time To Be Learning A Lesson Or Two
As You’re Learning, Wheels Start Turning
Because You Are Thinking With Winnie The Pooh

This Whole World Can Get A Little Tricky
What’s A Kid To Do (What’s A Kid To Do)
Tons For Honey Can Get A Little Sticky
Think It Through, You And Pooh!

There’s No Denying, Pooh Bear’s Trying
To Find A Solution That’s Shiny And New (Shiny And New)
You Can Study With Your Buddy
And Answer The Questions With...Can You Guess Who?

We’re Thinking And Learning With Winnie The Pooh!

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