LeapPad Learning System

LeapPad Learning System

The LeapPad Learning System is an educational device from LeapFrog. It is intended for use in conjunction with books designed for it, which include many popular characters, including the original LeapFrog characters, The Cat in the Hat, Spongebob Squarepants and numerous Disney characters, including Pooh and his friends. The LeapPad features a device called a "Magic Pen" which allows stories to come to life. It is extremely popular as an educational system, with an average rating on of 4.3/5 and well over 400 reviews. It is rated for ages 4-8, but can be enjoyed by other children. It is available in a number of alternate models, including the "LeapPad Pro" and "Quantum LeapPad." The LeapPad has since been supplanted by a learning system known as "Tag," but remains generally available for purchase.

Winnie the Pooh LeapPad Titles

  • LeapPad Interactive Book: A Collection from the LeapPad Library (Includes the story Winnie the Pooh: A Sweet Good Morning)
  • Pooh Loves You
  • Pooh's Honey Tree (My First LeapPad Book)
  • Pooh Gets Stuck
  • Bounce, Tigger, Bounce
  • Lots and Lots of Honeypots

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