Krista Bunn is the Digital Media Operations Manager on the DTSS - Creative Technology team. In her 29 years with the Walt Disney Company, Krista has developed expertise in creative content and taxonomy management through many different artwork operational roles she has held. Krista developed and manages the content structure and content securities for Digital Media Center (DMC). Krista oversees taxonomy management for both DCP Merchandise and Publishing business groups. Acting with subject manager expertise, Krista provides guidance and thought leadership to the DMC application team for the application’s content processing tools. Krista started her career with Disney in Production Management for Feature Animation and went on to be part of the TV Animation start-up team as Supervisor of Production Art Services and Promotions. She later moved to DCP as Art Purchasing / R&D Supervisor of Operations which lead to her present role of Digital Media Operations Manager for DTSS. Krista is a traditional (ink and brush) and digital inker and has been a freelance artist for DCP, Disney Records Group, Disney on Ice, Saban Entertainment, Mattel, The Disney Stores, Walt Disney Art Classics, Walt Disney Licensing, and Walt Disney Publishing. In addition, she has provided concept and final venues artworks for California Adventures, Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Euro Disney.

She is Artwork Coordinator, Archives Administrator and Supervisor of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

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