Keep it Simple is a song from "Vegetable of Contents," an episode of The Book of Pooh. After Rabbit suffered
from an injury which put him in bed, he called upon Pooh, Piglet, Owl, and Tigger to get his chores done for him. However, they weren’t doing the job the way he wanted them to. In the end, Pooh sang this to Rabbit, and all of the problems were resolved.


Pooh: Whenever I try to say too much,
I make such a terrible mess.
I forget sometimes that a big idea
Can be simple to express
My thoughts get muddled and quite befuddled
Till I say two words of one sylable or less
Rabbit: (One or less?)
Pooh: (Oh, you know what I mean.)
Keep it Simple when words get out of hand
Sometimes the less you say, the more that people understand
Keep it Simple, that's the plan
Rabbit: I was just trying to make things easier by explaining in the tale.
The right P.H. for potting soil, the hand extend by hail
The dangers of potato bugs never once did I intend to complicate...
(Oh, Pooh wait.)
Am I doing it again?
Pooh:  Keep it Simple when words get out of hand
Just trust your friends to do their best-
Rabbit: -and they will understand
Pooh/Rabbit: Keep it Simple, that's the plan (x2)