Born in Detroit, Michigan on December 7th, 1949. Known as a fan of "Omaha the Cat Dancer" and furry-type stories; Jymn Magon began work as a music producer and song writer for Mickey Mouse Disco in the late 1970's. Along with Gary Krisel; Jymn started work in Walt Disney Television Animation in 1984 with Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears as a writer, supervising producer and story editor and pieced together Esiner's idea with Art Villeto. He also wrote several scripts for such DTVA shows as Winnie The Pooh, Ducktales and wrote the pilot for Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers. He is known for putting TaleSpin together in just three days back in 1988 along with another screenwriter Mark Zaslove when TaleSpin was approved. He also went on to write episodes for Goof Troop and Quack Pack (his episode writing was quite good; although I think he's a better leader than writer). He left Disney in 1996 to work on several Casper sequels as a writer and a few Christmas shows. He did try a hand in freelance writing for Mouseworks and House of Mouse before becoming an independent writer outright. In the fall of 1998; Jymn Magon visited the Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage and wrote a counter editorial to my profile on Kit. He continues to work as a writer for various projects. Jymn now works for Gigglebug Entertainment in Finland, along with Nick Jr. and Disney XD working on the CGI Pac-Man & The Ghostly Adventures show. Other works include: Heroes Of The City, Lalaloopsy, Sam Sumo, Time Leaper, Khuda-Yana, Gigglebug, Lili & Lola, Paper Dinosaurs, Leo & The Pisa Gang, among many others.

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