Isn’t that Funny? is a song from "I Could Have Laughed All Night," an episode of The Book of Pooh. Tigger loses his laugh, so Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, and Eeyore try to bring his laugh back by telling him jokes. At first, it does not work, but when Rabbit wants to end the show, Pooh does not want to end it. Pooh leans on a pole from the curtains and says "No, not yet!" and accidentally knocks down the pole. Then the curtains fall along with the top pole. It falls on their heads: Eeyore’s first, and Eeyore says "Oh, typical." Pooh and Rabbit try to lift the pole and put the curtains back up. Rabbit falls with the top pole and curtains. Tigger laughs and says "That’s hilarious!" Then he realizes his laugh is back and decides: "I’m cured, I feel like bouncing again." Then Rabbit’s hat is still showing. Pooh says "We sure helped Tigger, didn’t we." Rabbit comes back up and says,  "We sure did." Then he falls again and says, " Whoa, don’t make me laugh." Tigger bounces all over the woods laughing.


I'm feeling crumby, isn't that funny'.

"Look it’s raining and the sky is sunny, isn't that funny".

"We don't need a big a fall, just a giggle and a laugh.

"Oh, Typical"

"With a Pooh Bear slipping in a puddle of honey, isn't that funny".

"As the monkey told the giraffe, I double dare you not to laugh".