"I Want To Be Scary" is a song from The Book of Pooh episode "The Book of Boo". In it, Piglet sings about how he wants to scare his friends, but Piglet is scared of little things, such as flowers, leaves, roots, etc., yet they don't scare his friends. Then Piglet concludes the song by saying that he just wants to share a good laugh with his friends, and for them to be amazed at how scary he was.



Well, a flower can be scary

If a flower makes you sneeze

And leaves can be quite scary

When they rustle in the breeze

And especially worms are scary

Cause they don't have any knees!

But the ones I want to scare,

like Tigger and Pooh Bear,

They're not scared by little things like these

Oh, I wanna yell "BOO!" and watch them run

I wanna be the scariest one

and share a laugh when we are done

I wanna be scaaary!

I wanna dress up in a scary suit

A mean looking flower or an ugly fruit!

Or a very frightening root!

I wanna be scaaary!

Well, I could try to be a dragon

But I'm too small

I could get up high on stilts

But I might fall

All I want is to be scariest of all.

I'll dress like a ghost back from the grave

and creep friends with my scariest wave

I'll be so scary, I'll feel brave!

I wanna be scaaary!

I could be a goblin, or an elf

Gosh, I might even scare myself!

But the best part's when they see

That its really only me

And they're amazed that I could ever

Be so very scaaaaaaaary!



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