I Talk Plush is a big Winnie-the-Pooh talking plush toy made by Fisher-Price that looks like Pooh, wearing his red shirt with his name printed on it. The toy was released as early as 2000.


# Phrase How many times to press the tummy
1 I've Got A Rumbly Tumbly Every 1 out of 6 times
2 You're My Friend Every 2 out of 15 times
3 Goodness, Have You Seen Piglet Every 3 out of 9 times
4 <laughing>I've Got A Rumbly Tumbly<laughing>Goodness<laughing> Every 4 out of 6 times
5 Ooohh!!! <laughing> You're My Friend Every 5 out of 15 times
6 That Tickles Every 6 out of 9 times
7 <laughing> You're My Friend Every 8 out of 15 times
8 <laughing> Goodness That Tickles <laughing> Every 9 times
9 Oooooohh!!!! Goodness Every 11 out of 15 times
10 <laughing> Goodness, You're My Friend Every 14 out of 15 times

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