Happy Tailiversary is a song sung to Eeyore by Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl and Kessie in the episode "Eeyore's Tailiversary". It is intended to celebrate the day Eeyore first received his tail. This song is Track 5 & 13 on the album Songs from The Book of Pooh and The Book of Pooh: Musical Original Songs respectively

Happy Tailiversary02:49

Happy Tailiversary



Piglet: It isn't pink and curly

Rabbit: Or sensible and white

Tigger: It isn't big and bouncy

Pooh: But it's just exactly right

All: Have a Happy, Happy, Happy Taliversary

Happy tail forever made it wag!

With our Happy, Happy, Happy Taliversary

Keep it swinging, never let it sag!

Rabbit: Hail, oh hail, unto your splendid tail

Kessie: Decorated with a bow

Tigger: And fastened with a nail

Owl: It has a splendid elegance--- no other tail can match

Pooh: And when it does fall off, it's not that hard to reattach

All: Have a Happy, Happy, Happy Taliversary

And we wish you many, many more!

With our Happy, Happy, Happy Taliversary

Pooh: Even if you don't exactly know what it is for!

All: With a Happy, Happy,

Happy Taliversary

---Happy, Happy!

Keep it shiny,

And on your hiney!

And now, it's finally

The end of our song!

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