Lessons from the Hundred-Acre Wood - Give It Your All

Give It Your All

Give It Your All is the 10th book of 18 in the Lessons from the Hundred-Acre Wood series. Published in 2000, the book was written by John Whitman and illustrated by Atelier Philippe Harchy, ISBN 1-57973-096-5.

The story focuses on Piglet, who is the only one in the Hundred Acre Wood not buzzing with excitement about the upcoming "Big Race." Piglet is a little too scared to try, but after Pooh comes by to help him with hanging his sheets out to dry, he decides he doesn't want to be left out, even if he can't win. He begins work on building a cart and learns something important.

This book features two lessons:

Finishing what you begin Will make you very proud
You'll feel so good When you are through
You'll shout "Hooray!" out loud!


Finish something you set out to do and you'll feel as proud as Piglet!