Girls are Like Boys is a Winnie the Pooh song from the television special: Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You where Owl sings the differences of girls and boys.

Song Lyrics

Girls are Like Boys, except they’re quite different

Even they’re differences are not the same

A boy sputters and squawks

A girl putters and preens

And each wants to say what the other one means

Girls are Like Boys, except they’re quiet different

Because of their differences, each is unique

A girl sees what she likes

A boy likes what he sees

He ruffles her feathers, she wobbles his knees

In some certain way, a boy looks at a girl

A girl looks at a boy in similar ways

A girl and a boy

Well, what more can I say?

They’re as different as dawn is to morning each day

They’re really quite different in every way

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