Gary graduated in 1983 at. Exeter College of Art and Design with BA (Honor) Degree in Graphic Design. Gary Andrews started in 1983 as an Assistant Animator for Rupert & The Frog Song before moving to Animator at Klacto Animation with Oscar Grillo. He would do some freelancing for two years starting in 1987 and did some commercials before having a stint in Disney UK in 1989. Afterwards in 1990; he would be a Freelance Animator on such productions from Cosgrove Hall (Peter & The Wolf, Soul Music, Albie), Uli Meyers Studios (The Lampies), Illuminated Films (War Game), Jumping Jack (The Mill), Zoo Films (Ogri), Varga (Preston Pig), Image Effects (The Tidings), TVC (The Wind in The Willows, The Willows in Winter), Grand Slamm (Daumier's Law, Beatrix Potter Series) and Disney (The Tigger Movie) until 2002. Then He proceeded to do storyboards, Animator directing and more from there on such productions as The Pride Side, Jack Frost, Metalheads, The Likeaballs, The Legend of Dragon, Zorro Generation Z, Tronji, Santa VS. The Robots, Dork Hunters From Outer Space, Fireman Sam and 100 Head Eddie as recent as 2009. He currently owns a company called Egotrip Media in the UK. Egotrip Media has become a force over the last five years or so in all forms of entertainment. Gary has been working as a Director for Avenging Angel (2001), 12th Night (2005), The Spirit Of Albion (2012), Lady In The Woods (2013), Q Pootle 5 (2013), Jack O'Lantern (2014) and Tales Of Albion (2014). He was an Art Director for All About Aubrey in 2011 a reality television series. He was a Producer for Ravenswood in 2013, Cinematographer for Dawnrazor in 2001, storyboards for The Hive in 2010/2011 and Heidi in 2005 for Nelvana. He also did animation direction on the Fireman Sam television movie: The Great Fire Of Pontypandy in 2010, Ivor The Invisible as an Animator in 2001, FernGully: The Last Rainforest in 1992, Daumier's Law in 1992, Testament: The Bible in Animation in 1996, Famous Fred in 1996, among others. He was working on series 8 and 9 of Fireman Sam for HIT Entertainment.

He is Animator of April Pooh on The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

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