Out & About With Pooh - Fun Is Where You Find It

Fun Is Where You Find It

Fun Is Where You Find It is Volume 8 of 18 in the Out & About With Pooh series. Published in 1996, the book was written by Ronald Kidd and illustrated by the company Arkadia Illustration Ltd., ISBN 1-885222-62-9.

On a blustery day in the Hundred Acre Wood, Rabbit steps outside and finds that his yard is covered in leaves. To him, this means one thing: work! He rakes the leaves into neat little piles, but in another corner of the Wood, Pooh smiles as he looks out at the leaves from his window. To him, they mean just one thing: fun! He goes outside and plays in the leaves. Rabbit comes by and tells him that fall is a season for work, not for fun. He offers to show Pooh what fall is all about, but ends up learning something important himself.


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