Forever and Ever is an original song from the 1997's direct-to-video movie Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin. It is sung by both Pooh and Christopher Robin, to which started after Christopher Robin looked at Pooh sadly trying to tell him something important. Pooh Bear inquires if it's "something nice". Christopher Robin then says that it isn't really the nicest thing in the world. Pooh then tries to not approach the subject saying "it can wait". Christopher Robin asks how long he should he wait? Pooh simply replies "Forever and Ever".

As much of the title Pooh tries to get across how they will be together forever and ever and not to worry. While Christopher Robin knows Pooh's point but realizes with the news he wants to give Pooh this might not happen, thus the lyrics "I wanna stay like this forever. If only I could promise forever. Then we could just be we, forever you and me. Forever and ever."

The song ends with Christopher Robin and Pooh on a raft hugging. Leaving off with the Narrator saying "that Christopher Robin had quite forgotten he still had something to tell Pooh..."


Christopher Robin: Forever and Ever is a very long time, Pooh.
Pooh: Forever isn't long at all
When I'm with you.

I wanna call your name, forever
And you will always answer, forever
And both of us will be
Forever you and me
Forever and ever

Christopher Robin: I wanna stay like this, forever (Pooh giggles)
If only I could promise, forever. (Pooh giggles again)
Then we could just be we.
Forever you and me.
Pooh & Christopher Robin: Forever and ever.

Christopher Robin: Forever and Ever is a very long time, Pooh.
Pooh: (Laughs) Forever isn't long at all, Chistopher.
When I'm with you.

Oh, I wanna be with you forever.
I want you right here beside me forever.
Christopher Robin: One thing you should know.
No matter where I go.
We'll always be together.
Pooh & Christopher Robin: Forever and ever.

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