Eduardo was born in Mexico and went to their Academy Of Fine Arts from 1970-1974. Then He began his career in 1975 in various roles in animation until 2002; and then he mostly worked on Disney publications and merchandising and illustrations for Hard Rock Cafe and Hooters. Eduardo Olivares, has over 50 years experience in animation, he began his career working on animated commercials and comic books in Mexico City, Eduardo made a name for him self in the animation world and Hollywood came calling. He was pursed by the top animation houses in Hollywood which brought him to Los Angeles, after coming to the United States he began working on the animated TV shows Rocky and Bullwinkle, Sesame Street as well as almost all of the Saturday morning Cartoons from the 1970’s to present day. Eduardo has won an Emmy for his animation contribution on Fox’s The Simpsons. He now works with Eddie Nava Olivares (a fitness expert for 25 years and has also worked on animation with Eduardo) on a children fitness comic book series called Kid Fit USA.

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