Disney Magical World
Disney Magical World box art


(Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life) is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game coming to North America in 2014. It was released in Japan in 2013.

Gameplay and Controls

Disney Magical World features dozens of Disney characters in a variety of Disney-themed worlds. Players can customize their characters with hundreds of Disney-themed outfits and accessories, all while managing a café, planting crops and collecting Disney character cards. Players help different characters solve problems or find missing items.





Disney Worlds

  • Castleton: Magic Kingdom's World.
  • Castle of Dreams: Cinderella's World.
  • Wonderland: Alice in Wonderland's World.
  • Hundred Acre Wood: Winnie the Pooh's World.
  • Agrabah: Aladdin's World.
  • Port Royal: Pirates of the Caribbean's World.

Voice Cast