TNAOWTP - Crow from Balloonatics
The Crows are minor antagonists and enemies from the animated series, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. They were voiced along with sounds of their caws, they first appeared in Balloonatics.


The crows are Rabbit's enemies, alongside the bugs. They regularly steal and/or eat the food from his garden. Rabbit has tried many methods to get rid of these pests with little or no success, as they usually outsmart him. However, Rabbit has occasionally managed to drive the crows away by using tactical force, such as building a makeshift machine to torture the crows and make them flee. In some instances, Pooh (or someone else) would somehow frighten the crows away instead of Rabbit. In "Tigger Got Your Tongue", they anonymously stole vegetables from under Rabbit's garden and were given the name "the Nobodies".


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