Born in Esterville, Iowa, Paul went to high school in Dubuque and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Iowa. He continued my post-graduate education at Humboldt State University, where he received a Master of Arts Degree in Film and Television. He began his professional career in TV Animation as a Sound Editor. For his editing efforts, his have been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for his work on Disney’s ‘Talespin’ and ‘Ducktales’. He also won a Golden Reel in Sound Editing for his work on ‘Talespin’. Later, he went to work for Disney Feature Animation as a First Assistant Editor on ‘Fantasia 2000’, ‘Dinosaur’ and ‘Home on the Range’. He have also worked on Ice Age 2, Barnyard, and Re Animated. He is a member of the Editor’s Guild, Motion Picture Sound Editors and a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He has also written fourteen screenplays, written and directed two micro-budgeted feature films as well as two One Act Plays. His film ‘Romp’ played in Park City, Utah during the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. His second feature, 'A Long Day's Nightmare', won the Gold Eddy at the CRI Film Festival. He continue to write original screenplays that he hopes to produce and direct as well as edit features. Recently, he went to Bagnone, Italy to edit his first HD feature, a dark comedy titled 'Biscotti Rotti' (he Said So LIttle), Written and Directed by Lydzia Englert and produced by Stefano Azario. Currently, He is editing the Nickelodeon animated television series 'Back at the Barnyard', from O Entertainment. He is also editing a documentary titled GENOMANIA, Produced by Paragon Media in Oakland, CA and CONVENTION, a feature film Written by esteemed political Writer Norman Solomon.

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