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Cloud, Cloud Go Away is the seventy-eighth episode of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It originally aired on ABC on September 23, 1991.


One day, when Tigger was going for a walk, he saw a cloud. Tigger was angry with the cloud and told the cloud,"Go away and don't ever show your fluffy face at me again!" The cloud was very angry and grew bigger. Tigger was angry and ran into his house, putting planks on his door so that the cloud won't go into his house. However, the cloud came into Tigger's house through a hole. Tigger told Pooh and Piglet about the cloud. The cloud was angry and turned into a rain cloud. After going outside and seeing what happened, Tigger said sorry to the cloud for calling the cloud names. The cloud turned back to normal and it leaved a rainbow behind to tell how happy it was.


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